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Microbial group/s: Microalgae
Total number of strains: 400
Taxa (number of strains):
Isolation source/Origin: Water from different ecosystems (marine, transitional and freshwater).
Preservation method: Culture chamber 17 °C “in vivo”
Information management: Excel and airtable
Characterization level:
Identification at genus/species level


Taxonomic identification, pigment analysis, isolations (more details


microalgae, haptophyta, pigments, estuaries
The microalgae collection of the University of the Basque Country consists of about 400 strains of microalgae from marine and estuarine ecosystems mainly, and freshwater to a lesser extent. The Haptophyta, Chlorophyta and Dinophyta divisions are the most abundant groups. Morphological, genetic and pigmentary information is available for a large majority of the strains.

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Brief historial review

The Culture collection of the University of the Basque Country began around the year 2000, as a result of isolations included in studies of characterization of the phytoplankton community of adjacent estuaries, mainly the estuary of Bilbao. Since then, and with contributions from the different studies carried out on phytoplankton, the collection has been growing, and nowadays it has facilities suitable for its maintenance and growth.