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Microbial group/s: Fungi
Total number of strains: Under discussion
Taxa (number of strains):
Pochonia chlamydosporia (-)
Isolation source/Origin: Roots of various crops, nematode suppressive soils.
Preservation method:25 °C in OA, CMA, PCA culture media
Information management: Excel
Characterization level:
Under discussion


Not offered


Key words:
endophyte, growth promotion, nematophagous
Tritrophic behavior, as an endophyte in the root system of mono and dicotyledonous plants, as a nematophage of nematode eggs such as Heterodera and Meloidogyne and as a saprophyte in the soil. It promotes crop growth, reduces nematode populations, and is resistant to organic amendments such as chitosan.

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Brief historical review

Isolated from soils suppressive of nematodes and roots of various crops of agronomic interest