Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI)

MIRRI is the pan-European research infrastructure for microbial resources. Through the provision of high quality microorganisms, associated data and the extensive experience of our partners, MIRRI aims to support research and development in the field of biotechnology.


MIRRI will support researchers from the academy and bioindustry through:

  • Facilitated access to genetic resources through the future MIRRI portal
    – single window of material, data and experience
    – encourage the establishment of national mBRC networks to increase the offer of MIRRI
  • Broader coverage of genetic resources
    – coordinated approach to the isolation and deposition of microorganisms
    – greater visibility of smaller collections through the MIRRI portal
  • Improved offer of mBRCs service
    – coordination of available services
    – tailored services
    – greater visibility of the services offered by smaller collections
  • Data interoperability
    – facilitated data extraction
    – reliable information
  • Guarantee legal compliance
    – specific expert group for consultation
  • Increase knowledge transfer to users
    – several expert groups for consultation
    – training and education program
  • Support of smaller culture collections
    – implementation of best practices for the transition to an mBRC