MicroBioSpain, integration of the Spanish network of microorganisms «REDESMI» in the European Research Infrastructure «Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure, MIRRI», is one of the networks of excellence of the State Subprogram of Knowledge Generation (State Plan of R + D + i 2013-2016) funded by MINECO (Ref. CGL2016-81969-REDT).

The network is represented by the two Public Collections of Microorganisms in Spain, the Spanish Type Culture Collection (CECT) and the Spanish Algae Bank (BEA), and 6 research centers: IPLA, CIAL and IATA belonging to CSIC, INIA, IRTA and CNTA. All of them have their research with microbial resources in common, covering different facets such as isolation and characterization, conservation and distribution, as well as contact with the industrial sector through research contracts and technology transfer or strains for commercial exploitation. Likewise, the centers represented offer services and access to infrastructure, such as pilot plants or specialized equipment for scaling processes, in some cases unique in Europe.

The CECT leads the Spanish Network of Microorganisms “REDESMI” and the participation of Spain in “MIRRI”, Research Infrastructure included in the Spanish and European ESFRI 2016 roadmaps. The participation of Spain in MIRRI is articulated through the construction of the Spanish node that will connect the microbial-based centers for microorganisms and / or services related to R + D + i, as well as experts in the different aspects of microbiology.