Collection content

Microbial group/s: Bacteria
Total number of strains: 159
Taxa (number of strains):
Oenococcus oeni (138)
Lactobacillus plantarum (5)
Lactobacillus pentosus (5)
Other lactic bacteria (11)
Isolation source/Origin: Wine. Olives. Grapes.
Preservation method: Glicerol -80 °C
Information management: Excel
Characterization level:
At the species level, specific PCR for O. oeni and for the other 16S-ARDRA, 16S sequencing and recA-multiplex-PCR.
Strain typing using RAPD, multilocus VNTR and rep-PCR-GTG5.
Biotechnological properties.


Isolation of lactic bacteria from fermented products. Identification and typing of lactic bacteria. Advice on lactic bacteria and malolactic fermentation of wine.


lactic acid bacteria, wine, oenococcus, lactobacillus, malolactic fermentation
We have extensive experience in lactic bacteria (BL), and especially in wine, especially in Oenococcus oeni.
We have worked mainly in:
-Isolation, identification and typing of BL of the wine.
-Bacterial biodiversity of the wine environment through NGS.
-Biochemistry and genetics of the production of ethyl carbamate precursors by vinification BL.
-Molecular mechanisms, including the use of omic techniques, of the O. oeni stress response in wine.
-Selection and adaptation of O. oeni for use in the FML. We also have experience in the microorganisms involved in the production of olives, both BL and yeasts.

Quality Certifications

The BL-URV team is part of the Enological Biotechnology Research Group and all the work carried out, including the maintenance of the collection, is validated with the R + D + I Quality Management System following the ISO 9001 standard : 2008, with certificate n. registration 0.04.09025 of TÜV Rheinland.

Brief historical review

We started the collection in 1990 with the first works in wine microbiology at our university. Since then we have been isolating and characterizing a multitude of strains of lactic bacteria, especially wines from Priorat and other areas of Tarragona, and also some strains obtained from Arbequina olives.