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Microbial group/s​: Bacteria
Total number of strains​: 80
Taxa (number of strains)​:
Pediococcus parvulus producers of a characteristic (1,3)-β-glucano (36)
Pediococcus ethanolidurans (1)
Lactobacillus diolivorans (17)
Lactobacillus collinoides (15)
Lactobacillus suebicus (6)
Lactobacillus sicerae (2)
Lactobacillus mali (1)
Oenococcus oeni (1)
Leuconostoc carnosum (1)
Isolation source/Origin​: Apple must, natural cider from the province of Guipúzcoa, and altered meat product.
Preservation method​: Glycerol -80 °C
Information management​: Excel table with indication of the year of isolation and biotechnological characteristics
Characterization level​:Identification and characterization at different levels


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Key words:
lactic acid bacteria, exopolysaccharide, cider, biotechnological characterization
-Characterization of lactic acid bacteria isolated from alcoholic beverages.
-Exopolysaccharides produced by lactic acid bacteria. 
Some lactic acid bacteria produce and secrete polysaccharides into the environment (exopolysaccharides, EPS). In this line of work, a physical-chemical characterization of biopolymers is carried out, as well as the analysis of their potential health benefits, such as prebiotic and immunomodulatory properties.
-Functional characterization of lactic bacteria producing exopolysaccharides.
-The usefulness of EPS-producing lactic acid bacteria in the development of new foods with functional characteristics, such as dairy products, cereals or fruits, is examined. The probiotic properties of bacteria are evaluated.

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Brief historical review

The collection was started in 1993 with the objective of preserving natural cider isolates that are characterized by the production of exopolysaccharides (homopolysaccharides, a characteristic (1,3) (1,2) -β-D-glycan and dextran), and heteropolysaccharides).