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Definition: Collection of yeasts isolated from fermentative and natural environments of the research group Systems Biology of Yeasts with Biotechnological Insterest from Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (CSIC).

Microbial group/s: Yeasts

Total number of strains: ~900

Taxa (number of strains): Saccharomyces









Isolation source/Origin:

  • Wines, ciders
  • Food and fermented beverages from Latin America
  • Natural environments: soil, flowers, fruits, tree exudates

Preservation method: -80 ◦C

Information management: Database in Access

Characterization level: Molecular methods (RFLP ITS-5,8S and sequencing of region D1D2 from 26S gene), genome sequence of some strains.


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Keywords: yeasts of biotechnological interest, wine, beer, cider, traditional fermentations, molecular identification, systems biology, genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, predictive microbiology, yeast genetic improvement, directed evolution, hybridization

Summary: We are interested in studying the properties of yeasts of biotechnological interest (mainly wine and beer). Molecular mechanisms of response to industrial stress, the effect of the interaction between yeasts during industrial fermentations through the use of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics. All this knowledge is transferred to the industry by developing new starter cultures or through genetic improvement of yeast by directed evolution and hybridization (not GMOs), as well as applying metabolic studies to develop more environmentally friendly processes. We also include the study of yeasts present in food causing diseases, emerging pathogens.

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Brief historical review

The collection began in 1995 when Dra. Querol joined the IATA (CSIC). Since then we have isolated and molecularly identified a large number of yeasts from fermentative and natural environments, as well as isolated from a large number of beverages made in a very traditional way, including from indigenous peoples of Latin America.