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Microbial group/s​: Bacteria (majority), some Filamentous fungi and yeast
Total number of strains​: 940
Taxa (number of strains)​:
Lactococcus (400)
Lactobacillus (300)
Bifidobacterium (200)
Levaduras (25)
Penicillium (15)
Isolation source/Origin:
Lactic acid bacteria: cheese, milk and fermented milk, and gastrointestinal tract.
Yeasts and Filamentous fungi: Maturation process of Cabrales Cheese.
Preservation method​: Glicerol, -80°C.
Information management​: Excel
Characterization level​:
The strains are identified by molecular techniques and, in many cases, typified by RAPD, REP-PCR, or PFGE techniques.


  • Material for research is transferred to interested groups under the signature of the corresponding MTA
  • The strains are also available to companies, under assignment and / or license contracts


Key words:
lactic-acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, starter cultures, ferments, probiotics

  • Selection of lactic-acid bacteria for utilization as starter or djunct cultures
  • Selection of lactic-acid bacteria and bifidobacteria for its utilization as a probiotic

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Brief historical review

Collection of lactic-acid bacteria from cheese: started in 1985 and the last isolates are from 2007. They were isolated from cheeses: Cabrales, Peñamelera, Casín, and Genestoso, and also, from dairy products and foreign cheeses. Collection of intestinal strains: started in 2000. They were obtained from intestine (faeces and mucosa) and stomach (mucosa and gastric juices)