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Microbial group/s​: Bacteria and Yeasts
Total number of strains​: >800
Taxa (number of strains)​:
Bacteria >300
Yeast >500
Isolation source/origin​: Oenological origin
Preservation method​: Freezing
Information management​: Excel table with indication of place, medium, and isolation year
Characterization level​:
Identification at species level. Different techniques of characterization.


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Key words:
oenological inocula, oenological spoiling microorganisms, wine ecosystems, microbiological control of winemaking

Management and microbiological control of winemaking. Selection of winemaking starters. Microbiological study of wine ecosystems.

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Brief historical review

The research group that has generated this collection began in 1989 to develop works on oenological microbiology, financed with national and regional projects. The main works carried out deal with the selection of oenological microorganisms, fermentation stops, studies of oenological ecosystems and control of wine-spoiling microorganisms.