• Institution: University of Salamanca
  • Department/Service: Department of Microbiology and Genetics
  • Location:
    University of Salamanca, Department of Microbiology and Genetics
    Departmental Building Lab. 214, Campus Unamuno
    37007 Salamanca, Spain
  • Web: https://usal.es/
  • Contact:
    Martha E. Trujillo Toledo
    Phone number.: (+34) 677526881, (+34) 923294500 ext. 1961
    e-mail: mett@usal.es

Collection content

Microbial group/s: Bacteria

Total number of strains​: 2000

Taxa (number of strains):

Micromonospora sp. (1250)
Streptomyces sp. (90)
Bradyrhizobium sp. (42)
Actinomadura sp. (25)
Microbacterium sp. (23)
Paenibacillus sp.  (23)
Pseudonocardia sp. (20)
Modestobacter sp. (9)
Rhizobium sp. (8)

Isolation source/Origin: Legumes rhizosphere, legumes tissues, soil

Preservation method​: Glicerol -80 °C

Information management​: Excel

Characterization level​: Species identification by 16S


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Key words: Legumes’ microbiomes, Actinobacteria, Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Micromonospora


-Isolation of microorganisms from different environments, mainly bacteria from soil, rhizosphere and plant tissues.

-Extensive experience in the characterization of Actinobacteria.

-Characterization and biotechnological application of strains of the genus Micromonospora.

-Plant-microorganism interaction

-Study of the microbiome associated with leguminous plants.

Quality Certifications

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Brief historical review

Our research group has been studying microorganism-plant interactions for several years, focusing mainly on the phylum Actinobacteria and their relationship with leguminous plants. The collection currently has more than 1300 bacterial isolates from rhizosphere and plant tissues (nodules, roots, leaves...) and about 700 isolates from other environments (compost, Atacama Desert, etc.). We are currently focused on the microbiome of different legume species.