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Microbial group/s​: Bacteria and yeasts
Total number of strains​: 196
Taxa (number of strains)​​:
Lactic bacteria
Acetic bacteria
Yeasts (Brettanomyces and others)
Isolation source/Origin​: Lactic bacteria: isolated from grape, musts, wines with D. O. Ca. Rioja
Acetic bacteria: isolated from vinegars
Yeasts: wine spoilers
Preservation method​: Freezing -80 °C
Information management​: Excel
Characterization level​:
Identification at species (lactic and acetic bacteria) and genus (yeasts) level based on molecular biology methods of DNA.


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Key words:
oenology, characterization, antimicrobials
Microbial and Oenological Biotechnology. Molecular characterization and ecology of bacterial resistance to antimicrobials.Antimicrobial activity of bacteriocins and natural products. New antimicrobials and new therapeutic strategies.

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Brief historical review

The collection began in 1994, and gradually, with consecutive doctoral theses and end-of-degree studies, it has grown with bacterial isolates (lactic and acetic bacteria) from grapes, grape must, wine and vinegar, and yeast samples, especially altering of wines, of the Brettanomyces type.