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Microbial group/s​: Bacteria
Total number of strains​: 4000
Taxa (number of strains)​:
Aeromonas spp. (2000)
Arcobacter spp. (2000)
Isolation source/Origin: Aeromonas: Clinical samples, water, sewage water, meat products, oysters.
Arcobacter: Clinical samples, water, sewage water, tomatoes, lettuces, meat products, mussels, oysters, healthy and sick fishes.
Preservation method​: Glycerol -80 °C
Information management​: Excel
Characterization level​:
Species Identification by 16S and rpoD or rpoB gene sequence, and genomes.


Analysis of detection and genetic identification of species of Aeromonas and Arcobacter.


Key words:
Taxonomy and molecular epidemiology
The objective of our studies has been to study these bacteria in their natural reservoir, in the environment and to determine the source of transmission to humans. Effective molecular tools have been developed for the recovery and characterization of the species of both genera. The combination of the 16S rRNA-RFLP molecular technique described to recognize all species proved to be reliable. However, housekeeping gene sequences (rpoD and gyrB) were a more decisive approach to identification. In addition, these genes were useful in the discovery of 10 new species of Aeromonas and 12 of the genus Arcobacter.

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Brief historical review

The research has been focused on the taxonomy and epidemiology of merging pathogens like Aeromonas (from 1996) and Arcobacter (from 2006) and has generated several doctoral tesis and publications (more tan 90 papers).