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Microbial group/s​: Bacteria
Total number of strains​: 1500-2000
Taxa (number of strains)​:
Isolation source/Origin: Marine Origin (coastal zone from Valencian Community -Spain-):
-Marine Animals: bivalves (mussel, oyster, “tellina” -Donax trunculus-, “chirla” -Chamelea gallina) and fishes (Sparus aurata seabream, bass, dentex).
-Sea water.
Preservation method​: Glycerol (20%) + Marine Broth: -80 °C
Marine broth semisolid inoculated by stabbing, in screw cap tubes, preserved in darkness and room temperature (majority)
Information management: There is no catalogue. The strains are identified and registered in laboratory notebooks.
Characterization level​:
Variable: mínimum, phenotypical characterization (battery of 25 tests), part of them are identified with the partial 16S gene sequence.


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Key words:
Marine bacteria taxonomy, Vibrio, Enterovibrio, Grimontia, Photobacterium, Vibrionaceae, Pseudoalteromonas, Alteromonas, Marinomonas, Haliea, Rhodobacteraceae, Thalassobius, Thalassobacter, Nereida, Jannaschia, Actibacterium, Tropicibacter, Stappia, Gelidibacter,  Marinifilum
The collection is the result of samplings carried out since the early 1980s in marine environments off the coast of the Valencian Community and partly comes from isolates obtained through projects financed by the Generalitat Valenciana (GV-2502/94 and PROMETEO 2012 -040) and by the corresponding Ministry (CICYT AGF 95-0264, MAR98-1000-C02-02, AGL2002-04075-C02-02 -both in collaboration with the Torre de la Sal Aquaculture Institute- and the CGL-2005- 02292 / BOS and CGL-2010-18134 / BOS.

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Brief historical review

The collection comprises isolates obtained from 1981 to present.