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Modality of accessess includes:

The TNA programme provides three means of access: physical, remote, and virtual access. 

Physical access can be defined as the hands-on access of any user, i.e., the users physically visit the Access Provider and use its laboratories and equipment.

Virtual access can be defined as any access through communication networks in which resources can be simultaneously accessed by an unlimited number of users. This is the typical case of the access to data and on-line applications.

Remote access can be defined as the non-physical access to the services of the Access Provider. There are two types of remote access:

  • Set of experiments carried out at the Access Provider’s location, but the user is not physically present at the installations (e.g., sample analysis and processing).
  • Shipping of microbial strains/biological materials, based on the users’ requests.

The Access Officer is the main contact person to discuss the details about the TNA application.

Access Officer
Adriana Chiarelli