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Definition: Collection of autochthonous yeasts isolated from musts in fermentation of the different Denominations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications of Aragon.

Microbial group/s: Yeast.

Total number of strains: 720

Taxa (number of strains):

Saccharomyces cerevisiae (586)
Hanseniaspora uvarum (73)
Saccharomyces hispanica (12)
Kluyveromyces thermotolerans (9)
Metschnikowia pulcherrima (9)
Kloeckera apiculata (8)
Hanseniaspora valbyensis (8)
Torulaspora delbrueckii (6)
Trigonopsis cantarellii o californica (3)
Saccharomyces montuliensis (2)
Kloeckera japonica (1)
Citeromyces Santa María (1)
Saccharomyces bayanus (1)
Hansenula anomala (1)

Isolation source/Origin: Vineyards and winery fermentation musts (which had never used selected yeast).

Preservation method:

-Glycerol -80 °C

-Liquid nitrogen -196 °C

Information management: Computerized file per strain

Characterization level:

Identification at species level


Sexual characteristics

Physiological characteristics

Cultural characteristics:

  • Sediment type
  • Presence of veil
  • Foam
  • Smell
  • Killer phenotype

For S. cerevisiae strains (additionally):

Identification by RFLP-mtDNA

Delta sequence amplification (some)

D1/D2 domain sequences of the 26S RNA gene (several)

Fermentative power

Analytical parameters of the produced wine


Not offered. Previously, Official Laboratory of Wine Analysis was located in the CTA in where the microbiological analysis of musts, wines, oenological products and various materials were carried out.


Key words: Wine yeasts selection.


  • Isolation, identification and selection of autochthonous wine yeasts with good oenological skills for the production of quality wines.
  • Elaboration tests with autochthonous yeast strains of special oenological interest.
  • Trials of elaboration of cava base wine and cava sparkling wine combining different variables.
  • Sensory analysis of wines.

Quality Certifications

No Quality Certification

Brief historical review

The yeasts of this collection come from the isolations carried out in the different Aragonese wine areas between 1988 and 1998, in order to select among the native flora, yeast strains well adapted to the environment and with the capacity to produce quality wines, also providing a differentiating character.